What is a hard drive?

A hard drive, which can also be called a hard disk drive or HDD, is one of the main parts of all modern computers. The hard drive is used to store all your programs and files. If the drive should become damaged for what ever reason, most likely will lose everything you have stored on your computer if you haven’t done some sort of back up.

Hard Drive

We have all the records of all the employees saved on the hard drive.
I have finished the presentation needed to show the client and I saved it on my hard drive.
If you need to see any of my documents they are all saved on my computers hard drive.
I have the information on my computers hard drive. Would you like me to save it on a CD disk for you?

Saved on my computer

When you say the following, ‘saved on my computer’, it is widely understood that you are talking about the hard drive, don’t worry it is fine to use both as sometimes people might not understand what a hard drive is.

Examples of needing a bigger hard drive

My computer hard drive is running out of room can we get someone to install a bigger one.
I need a bigger hard drive.

What is a hard copy?

A hard copy is a printed version of the data stored on a computer and printed on a piece of paper.

What is a soft copy?

A soft copy is the file stored on the computer.

I have all the information needed for the meeting stored on my computer, I will prepare hard copies for the meeting for everyone.