What are the advantages of personal computers
Speed of work. More work can be done at a faster rate.

Communicate globally quickly.

Accuracy. Programs can make sure work is more accurate then if done manually.

Connection to internet. Ability to research, ask questions

Date stored. Data can be saved and manipulated and retrieved in vast amounts and at a very rate rate.

Natural resources saved. By using computers it vastly reduces our use of paper.

Reduces work load. Information can be accessed by more then one person with the need for work to be duplicated.

What are the disadvantages of personal computers
Thinking ability. Stops us from thinking about solving problems.

Computers break down. When they don’t work it stops companies and people working.

Addiction. Playing games or social networks can lead to an addiction.

Conversation. People are spending less time communicating with the people face to face.

Lack of exercise. Children and adults spend to much time sat at a computer or on a laptop.

Virus. Many virus can cause computers to stop working and lose valuable data because of them.

Scams, People around the world trying to get money from you.

Harmful to the environment. Computer equipment needs to be deposed of properly.

Lack of work for people. Computers have reduce the need for people to do the same job as a computer can do the job of several people.