We all thought technology would make our lives easier. Today, we are overwhelmed by computers and have perhaps begun to look at it as somewhat of an “Everything appliance”. The one thing, that with every passing day, seems to be able to do anything and everything.

They have become smaller, easier to use, and blazingly fast. And with the ‘World Wide Web’ available to all, it has become a center of attention and a familiar part of daily life. In spite of inherent shortcomings and pitfalls, we still love them. They have replaced the humble typewriter to become so much more than an useful piece of machinery.Give them speakers and CD–ROM drives and they give us music! Stick in video drivers and we get to watch a movie! Attach a microphone and suddenly they become telephones. But set aside the pleasures that we enjoy, and you’ll see the big bad demon it can be. The ill–effects of the computer is grossly underrated. They harm us physically, emotionally, mentally and burn a hole in our pockets too, what with telephone bills and internet hours! Our wrists ache, our eyes tear, our necks cramp, and we know that the machine in front of us is responsible. Still, we submit ourselves to our beloved computers.

Millions of people around the world, now use computers as their primary business tool. In the last decade or so, the number of hours people use computers has increased tremendously. With this increase in the use of computers, problems have also increased. Computer–related health problems are caused by improper use and lack of knowledge about “Safe computing techniques”. Some of the most common problems related to computer use are Carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, computer eyestrain, computer vision syndrome. You should take a break often and do some stretching exercises.
Computer Health Hazards can be avoided or managed when we take the necessary safety approaches.