Just as humans can not do without body maintenance so it is to our computer system.

Computers need regular maintenance after the sale,also they need much like an

automobile or household appliances. However, the cost of paying a professional

technician to clean and update the software and hardware on a PC is too much

for many consumers and business customers to justify. For years, many

companies have contracted with local and virtual technical support services

that provided computer maintenance as a value-added service for the business.

In 2012, many computer owners are looking for ways to do regular system

maintenance on their own, to not only reduce costs, but also maybe learn

something in the process.

Operating system developers and PC manufacturers are responding to

consumer and business customer demand to have more self-sufficiency in

terms of computer maintenance. For example, Microsoft’s operating systems

are on many desktop and laptop computers, worldwide. The company’s latest OS

release, Windows 7, includes a feature called Action Center, which gives PC

owners greater control over system maintenance. This feature works real-time,

monitoring for system and security problems known to create headaches for

users, if no one takes action to reverse or rectify the problem, such as regularly

defragmenting the hard drive to maintain system performance.

The overall trend for computer maintenance in 2012, and beyond, is to help

users help themselves, instead of having to rely on third-party support services.

Many operating system developers are beginning to take greater responsibility

for the products they offer, making sure consumers and business customers get

proper service and support, even after the sale.