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Hacked NSA tools put Windows users at possible risk

Hacked NSA tools put Windows users at possible risk
Shadow Brokers hacking group claims it’s leaked government malware designed to break into Windows computers.

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Facebook knocks down massive spammer network

Facebook knocks down massive spammer network

The social network says it had been “combating” the operation for six months.

Facebook famously boasts it has 1.86 billion users who visit the social network every month. It looks like that number shrank on Friday. Continue reading “Facebook knocks down massive spammer network”









How recycle bin works


Understanding The Recycle Bin

The recycle bin is a virtual trashcan where all your deleted files and folders are tossed into. By default, Microsoft Windows uses 10% of available disk space to save files so it functions as a temporary storage location. This means that as long as deleted items remain in there, you can always browse through them and restore them back to their original location in case they were deleted by accident or if you decided you needed them again. This gives your files a layer of protection from complete deletion.

the recycle bin
Accessibility of items in the recycle bin

Items in the recycle-bin cannot be accessed unless restored back to their original location. You can restore them by double clicking on the trashcan icon. This will open a new window, and then select the files and/or folders that you want to restore. After selecting them, right click on the files and select the option Restore.

The recycle-bin resides by default on the desktop of the operating system. In Windows OS you can choose to hide the icon or show it.

the recycle bin
To show or hide the icon on the desktop

Go to the Start button, click on Control Panel, click on Appearance and Personalization, and then click on Personalization.

In the left pane, click on Change desktop icons, and then select or deselect the Recycle-Bin option.

Click OK.

This option for showing or hiding the recycle bin is not available for Microsoft Windows XP. Only Microsoft Windows Vista and 7 have the option.

Advantages of the recycle bin

Deleted files or folders are temporarily stored there.

    Functions as a safe for items are deleted by accident.

    You can restore deleted items to their original location.

    Items remain in there until you restore or dispose of them.

Only items (files and folders) that are originally residing or stored within the operating system will go to the recycle-bin layer if you delete them. Items from an external storage media device such as a network drive, external hard drive, USB memory, etc., will not go to there if you delete them. This is important to know because you won’t be able to restore them back if this happens, so make sure to delete items that you absolutely don’t need again.

Empty the recycle bin

The recycle-bin takes hard drive space. This does no’t mean that you have to empty it but it’s good to remember when you’re cleaning your computer to clear out space.

To empty the recycle-bin, right click the icon and click the “Empty Recycle Bin” option.

How to differentiate between a file and a folder

How to differentiate between a file and a folder
An essential concept to understanding files and folders when working with computers is the system for organizing, storing, and locating your files in the operating system. Like in the real world where paper records are kept organized by means of a filing system, in computers, Continue reading “How to differentiate between a file and a folder”

How to Understand Operating Systems with ease

Understanding Operating Systems

Understanding operating systems is essential to every computer user. Without at least a basic understanding, you would no’t have much use for a computer. The three main types of operating systems today are Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux, and all of them share a similar visual structure. Continue reading “How to Understand Operating Systems with ease”

How to Understand Binary Code

Understanding Binary Code

Binary code is the language that computers communicate with and use to process information. Our human ability to communicate with others is done in a number of ways, Continue reading “How to Understand Binary Code”

Lenovo ThinkPads power up with Kaby Lake, precision touchpads, Thunderbolt 3

Lenovo ThinkPads power up with Kaby Lake, precision touchpads, Thunderbolt 3

Lenovo introduces ThinkPad Yoga 370, upgrades workhorse T-series, L-series and X-series laptops to Intel’s Kaby Lake chips

Lenovo is starting its CES party a bit early, announcing new and upgraded ThinkPad laptops and a 2-in-1 with Intel’s new Kaby Lake chips and a slew of new features. Continue reading “Lenovo ThinkPads power up with Kaby Lake, precision touchpads, Thunderbolt 3”

Russia’s ‘Grizzly Steppe’ Cyberattacks Started Simply, U.S. Says

Russia’s ‘Grizzly Steppe’ Cyberattacks Started Simply, U.S. Says

The attack against U.S. democracy began in the summer of 2015 with a simple trick: Hackers working for Russia’s civilian intelligence service sent e-mails with hidden malware to more than 1,000 people working for the American government and political groups. Continue reading “Russia’s ‘Grizzly Steppe’ Cyberattacks Started Simply, U.S. Says”

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